Sanchez Family | Sycamore Grove Park

When Erick and I finally decided that it was time to get aristonrose photography up and running, we were so lucky to have such amazing friends who enthusiastically volunteered themselves to "officially" be our first! The Sanchez Family have been great friends of ours for a few years now and have been some of our biggest supporters. They are no stranger to being in front of our camera since Amanda and David are 2 of the best "photo bombers" we know. And their 5 year old son, Gabe, with his boundless imagination and assortment of facial expressions, makes him one of our favorites to photograph. Their recent move from San Mateo to Livermore has been such a great treat for us, making it even easier for all of us to get together. Whether we're exploring new wineries, grubbing yummy food, jumping into limos, after-partying at Naan N' Curry, or simply BBQing at their new home while watching Sunday football, it is always a GREAT time with this family!

Amanda's one request for this shoot was to capture Gabe's current love for super heroes and capes. We knew it was going to be a challenge to figure out... "how can we make his cape fly?" But after a few outtakes and lots of laughs, we were able to pull it off.

We truly couldn't have asked for a better family of 3 to launch this new adventure with. Thank you to the Sanchez Family for being so photogenic and for making this a memorable "first" for us. We love you!

sanchez collage 6.jpg
sanchez collage 9.jpg
sanchez collage 8.jpg
sanchez collage 7.jpg