Salomon Family | Garin Park

We were so excited to get introduced to the Salomon family by one of our good friends. After many emails back and forth, we finally set a date for the photo shoot. It was great to find out that it was equally as important to them to not schedule it on a Sunday while the 49ers are playing since we were all big fans! (Thanks Harold for staying on top of that!) We met on a VERY cold Saturday afternoon at Garin Park in Hayward. In fact, it may have been THE COLDEST day so far this winter! But you'd never be able to tell with how great this family looked - the girls walked up with their pretty dresses and the boys looked sharp in their sweaters. We were thrilled to finally meet Harold and Mallet in person, along with their two kids, Danica and Chase. They were all such troopers as we dragged them up and down hills in the cold weather. Through it all, the family kept the smiles and energy up, even as we worked through the hard but fun challenge of getting Chase to smile (I don't blame him since it was literally freezing cold.) Despite the weather, we had an amazing time with this beautiful and loving family! And we all agreed that we just have to pick a date earlier in the year next time. Besides, I've warmed Chase up already since I got him to finally laugh and smile when he was cozied up in the car! We absolutely can't wait to see the Salomon family again very soon! 

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