Malat Family | Hellyer Park

Even prior to meeting the Malat family, we already felt like we've known them for years! It was as if they were describing us when they filled out their pre-photoshoot questionnaire. Melissa enjoys "playing basketball, crafting and taking pictures" and Jason enjoys "playing softball, soccer and bowling", all of which were pretty much in line with what we also enjoy doing. We all met up at Hellyer Park in San Jose, which to our surprise was a hidden gem right off the 101 freeway. We took a stroll around the lake, stopped at a few spots for quick photo ops, and got a chance to really get to know this amazing family. We felt SO honored to learn that baby Malia was celebrating her 6 month birthday the same day and that we were the ones there to capture this special time for their family. Although we had the help of Sophia (Malia's favorite giraffe toy), Melissa and Jason were the ones that truly knew how to make their little daughter smile. We absolutely fell in love with this family and can't wait to see them again soon! 

malat collage blog.jpg