Freddy and Patty Engagement Shoot | Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day to spend with this gorgeous couple to relive a very special moment in their lives... their FIRST DATE! When we first learned that Patty and Freddy had their first date at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, we couldn't agree more that it was the perfect place for their engagement shoot. We met up at Ideal Cafe at the end of the pier to have a quick toast to start our fun-filled afternoon. Then we made our way down the boardwalk, hopped on the Ferris Wheel and Sky Glider, and best off all... grabbed some dipping dots (which was a must-do for us since it holds a funny memory for the couple from that first date). The sun set much faster than we wanted it to... We truly could have spent all day with these two, but the short time we spent together was more than enough to witness and capture the love and passion between them! Congrats again to Patty and Freddy. We are so honored and so excited to capture your big day! 

Moppin Maternity Shoot | Sycamore Grove Park

We spent a beautiful afternoon with the Moppin family, just 2 weeks before baby Kaiden's due date. For this shoot, we decided to go back to Sycamore Grove Park, but explore the other side, which was all new to us, (didn't realize how big this park really is)! Soon after their arrival, we all quickly found ourselves trying to keep up with the energetic, adorable and soon-to-be big brother, baby Keith, who never ceases to melt our hearts every time we see him! We've known Ruby and Richard for almost 9 years now, and it's truly been such a thrill getting to watch this adorable family of 3 grow to 4. So happy to announce baby Kaiden arrived March 7, 2014, and we are very excited to meet him! Congrats to the Moppin family!

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Merced Family | Fremont Niles Canyon Railway

We were first introduced, in 2012, to Adrian and Jane of Pixel Morning in search of a videographer for our wedding day. Immediately we hit it off and not only were we lucky enough to have these two capture our wedding, but also gained two amazing friends in the process. However back in September 2012, we had no idea that there was another addition to their family in the works and when we heard the news of baby Gavin we couldn't have been happier for them. For months we tried to get together to meet the Merceds as a threesome and with our busy schedules, it seemed to make it near impossible. But when we got the call asking to take their first family portraits, we knew that we had to make it work. We were ecstatic, but that quickly turned into nervousness due to the fact that they were the producers of an unbelievable video of our wedding and we needed to make sure to return the favor. The day finally came and we had a blast with Adrian, Jane, and Baby Gavin. To capture the love and happiness surrounding Gavin was amazing. The Merceds continue to be an inspiration and we are blessed to have had the chance to shoot their very first portraits as a family and have them as friends.

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Salomon Family | Garin Park

We were so excited to get introduced to the Salomon family by one of our good friends. After many emails back and forth, we finally set a date for the photo shoot. It was great to find out that it was equally as important to them to not schedule it on a Sunday while the 49ers are playing since we were all big fans! (Thanks Harold for staying on top of that!) We met on a VERY cold Saturday afternoon at Garin Park in Hayward. In fact, it may have been THE COLDEST day so far this winter! But you'd never be able to tell with how great this family looked - the girls walked up with their pretty dresses and the boys looked sharp in their sweaters. We were thrilled to finally meet Harold and Mallet in person, along with their two kids, Danica and Chase. They were all such troopers as we dragged them up and down hills in the cold weather. Through it all, the family kept the smiles and energy up, even as we worked through the hard but fun challenge of getting Chase to smile (I don't blame him since it was literally freezing cold.) Despite the weather, we had an amazing time with this beautiful and loving family! And we all agreed that we just have to pick a date earlier in the year next time. Besides, I've warmed Chase up already since I got him to finally laugh and smile when he was cozied up in the car! We absolutely can't wait to see the Salomon family again very soon! 

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Malat Family | Hellyer Park

Even prior to meeting the Malat family, we already felt like we've known them for years! It was as if they were describing us when they filled out their pre-photoshoot questionnaire. Melissa enjoys "playing basketball, crafting and taking pictures" and Jason enjoys "playing softball, soccer and bowling", all of which were pretty much in line with what we also enjoy doing. We all met up at Hellyer Park in San Jose, which to our surprise was a hidden gem right off the 101 freeway. We took a stroll around the lake, stopped at a few spots for quick photo ops, and got a chance to really get to know this amazing family. We felt SO honored to learn that baby Malia was celebrating her 6 month birthday the same day and that we were the ones there to capture this special time for their family. Although we had the help of Sophia (Malia's favorite giraffe toy), Melissa and Jason were the ones that truly knew how to make their little daughter smile. We absolutely fell in love with this family and can't wait to see them again soon! 

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Moppin Family Generations Shoot | Sycamore Grove Park

When asked by our good friend Ruby Moppin, if we were interested to shoot the Moppin Family's first ever generations photo shoot, we just couldn't say no. The family especially wanted this for Pauline Moppin (mother / grandma / great-grandma). They traveled from all over the Bay Area to the Sycamore Grove Park in Livermore just for this special day. We of course initially thought that shooting a group of 30 was going to be a huge challenge, but everyone made it so enjoyable and so easy for us. Our only regret was not getting more time to spend with each individual family. Thank you to the entire family for spending the afternoon with us, especially to Pauline for being the anchor of this beautiful fun-loving and energetic family! Here are some highlights...

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Sanchez Family | Sycamore Grove Park

When Erick and I finally decided that it was time to get aristonrose photography up and running, we were so lucky to have such amazing friends who enthusiastically volunteered themselves to "officially" be our first! The Sanchez Family have been great friends of ours for a few years now and have been some of our biggest supporters. They are no stranger to being in front of our camera since Amanda and David are 2 of the best "photo bombers" we know. And their 5 year old son, Gabe, with his boundless imagination and assortment of facial expressions, makes him one of our favorites to photograph. Their recent move from San Mateo to Livermore has been such a great treat for us, making it even easier for all of us to get together. Whether we're exploring new wineries, grubbing yummy food, jumping into limos, after-partying at Naan N' Curry, or simply BBQing at their new home while watching Sunday football, it is always a GREAT time with this family!

Amanda's one request for this shoot was to capture Gabe's current love for super heroes and capes. We knew it was going to be a challenge to figure out... "how can we make his cape fly?" But after a few outtakes and lots of laughs, we were able to pull it off.

We truly couldn't have asked for a better family of 3 to launch this new adventure with. Thank you to the Sanchez Family for being so photogenic and for making this a memorable "first" for us. We love you!

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